Saturday, 9 January 2010

Another part of Georgian London about to go?

This Georgian workhouse in the shadow of the BT Tower in Central London is under threat of demolition to make way for luxury housing. Originally called the Covent Garden Workhouse (and marked as such on Horwood's map - see below) and for much for twentieth century occupied by the National Health Service, it has for the past couple of years provided short-term accommodation for homeless people; but in expectation of an upturn in the housing market, developers have put in a planning application which if approved and implemented would see it disappear altogether. Remarkably, the building is unlisted. We tried to get it listed two years ago and were backed by English Heritage, but the Government turned down the request. Don't assume that all Georgian buildings have special legal protection - there are still plenty of pre-1840 buildings that have no additional statutory protection at all.

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