Monday, 18 January 2010

Image of the Week No2

Each week we'll publish a picture (of a Georgian building) that's caught our attention by virtue of artistic merit or architectural/historic interest or because it shows a familiar building in a new or unusual light. We welcome contributions from home or abroad, so please get in touch  ( if you've taken a photograph you'd like to see on our blog. Include something about the building and the circumstances of the shot if possible.  

Our second image, taken by Robert Bargery, shows the restored Darnley Mausoleum at Cobham in Kent, designed by Wyatt in the 1790s and never actually used. In the twentieth century, the building was virtually destroyed by vandals and arsonists in a sustained and deliberate campaign. One of the many low points was on Guy Fawkes Night 1980, when a bonfire of car tyres was set ablaze inside the mausoleum, finally destroying the crypt ceiling and blitzing the catacombs. The picture below shows the determination of those who sought, casually, to destroy it. The exemplary restoration of a brutally-damaged building in the middle of nowhere and with no prospect of commercial use deserves the highest praise. The Georgian Group helped the project with a £20,000 grant, the largest we have ever given. More about the restoration project...

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