Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Revealed architecture - your views wanted

We’re looking for unusual views of Georgian buildings - especially those temporarily revealed by new development, which can often provide a rare opportunity to record elevations and details that are usually obscured. Sometimes the architect might never have intended them to be on view, in other instances they will have been hidden by later development, but in either case we are interested in receiving your pictures, current or historic, of revealed Georgian architecture.
To kick off, we reproduce this image of the east elevation of 22 Arlington Street, off Piccadilly, designed by William Kent for The Hon. Henry Pelham in the early 1740s. Once known as Wimborne House and now as Kent House, the building was recently acquired by The Ritz Hotel. Our photograph, courtesy of Donald Insall Associates, dates from 1975 and shows a rare long view of the east elevation during the building of Eagle Star House, which has obscured the house from the street for the past thirty-five years. Donald Insall restored the elevation during the Eagle Star construction project and one might hope that further redevelopment of the Eagle Star site will allow Kent House to be visible once more from Arlington Street.

Please send your examples with as much relevant annotation as you can provide to michael@georgiangroup.org.uk.

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