Sunday, 10 January 2010

Royal Coat of Arms conserved with help from The Georgian Group

Through the F. E. Cleary Heritage Fund (commonly known as The Cleary Fund), The Georgian Group gives small grants each year towards the repair and restoration of Georgian buildings and monuments in the United Kingdom. This adds a highly practical and positive dimension to our conservation work; in many instances, even though the amount of money given is small in absolute terms, the grant makes a major difference to the viability of a restoration scheme. The intention is to pump-prime schemes, prompt other sources to make grants and to fund specific elements in larger schemes. One of our most recent grants has helped towards the restoration of a framed canvas depicting the Royal Arms of George I at St Mary's Church, Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Our picture, just taken, shows the arms cleaned and conserved. The Sovereign's Arms are often found in English churches, sometimes carved from wood or less often from stone, sometimes painted as here, as a symbol of the Monarch's position as Supreme Governor of The Church of England.

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