Sunday, 28 February 2010

Image of the Week No 7

Each week we publish a picture (of a Georgian building or structure) that has caught our attention by virtue of artistic merit or architectural/historic interest or because it shows a familiar building in a new or unusual light. We welcome contributions from home or abroad, so please get in touch  ( if you've taken a photograph you'd like to see on our blog. Include something about the building and the circumstances of the shot if possible.

The recession is certainly endless in this picture by Robert Bargery of the Piece Hall in Halifax, as diminishing perspective has the triple arcade of the east side stretching into infinity. Built in 1775 as a cloth market, the Piece Hall is one of the most dramatic Georgian setpieces in urban England and is well worth a visit, as is Halifax generally with its fine collection of nineteenth century civic buildings. Economically it has had a hard time, and indeed most of the shops in the Piece Hall are currently vacant, although a decent secondhand bookshop is among the interesting ones hanging on. The straitened circumstances have at least meant that this superb arcaded square, set around a sloping cobbled courtyard, has been spared clutter and excessive signage. The slope is such that the basement, below ground on the opposite side, is here fully exposed, creating a magnificent three-storey arcade, with rusticated piers in the middle section supporting a Doric colonnade above.

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