Saturday, 20 February 2010

Image of the Week No6

Each week we publish a picture (of a Georgian building or structure) that has caught our attention by virtue of artistic merit or architectural/historic interest or because it shows a familiar building in a new or unusual light. We welcome contributions from home or abroad, so please get in touch  ( if you've taken a photograph you'd like to see on our blog. Include something about the building and the circumstances of the shot if possible.  

Image No 6, taken by Robert Bargery, shows La Caumine, a simple Georgian guardhouse by the sea on Jersey's west coast. Though a minute building, too small to be regularly habitable, it has real presence owing to both its sparkling all-over whitewash, radiant in the sun, and to its prominent position in the centre of St Ouen's Bay. The solid masonry roof also gives it an impressive solidity, although this is a later design modification dating from the mid-1760s, when the guard house was rebuilt. The first version, in existence by 1665, had a thatched roof - hence the name La Caumine, which roughly means thatched cottage in the Jersiaise language and is now something of a misnomer. Nowadays, in the safekeeping of the National Trust for Jersey, it is sometimes called Le Don Hilton, recording the gift of the building to the Trust by Mrs Marie Hilton in 1975. 

The Georgian Group will be visiting La Caumine as a brief stop on our tour of private country houses on Jersey in September 2010. This visit, open to members of The Georgian Group, is highly recommended. A few places are still available.   

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