Friday, 11 January 2013

Beverley's historic cobbles to be ripped up

From Metro UK

A historic market place will have its cobbles ripped up because they are unsuitable for disabled people.

The traditional stones, which are at least 175 years old, will be replaced by modern block paving despite protests by residents and heritage groups in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

According to East Riding council, the cobbles in the town’s Saturday Market could ‘cause problems for visitors and residents with disabilities’.

Diggers were due to move in next week but the work will now be rescheduled to allow further discussions with residents.

Furious residents had held marches through the square and presented petitions in an effort to stop the work, but town hall bosses said the removal of the cobbles would go ahead after they consulted with community groups.

Prof Barbara English, of Beverley Civic Society, said the decision was ‘hugely disappointing’ in face of ‘an overwhelming amount of opposition’.

‘This will destroy the town’s historic atmosphere,’ she said.

Our suggestion? If the surface really has to be changed, although that is open to question, it would be far better to cover the cobbles with Tarmac. Not ideal, but reversible at least, and the cobbles are robust emough to survive pretty well underneath.   

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